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Bring more cost effective, evidence-based improvements for women’s health care into integrated practice, through:


•    Pose new questions for investigation
•    Institute steps for evaluation and continual improvement
•    Translate research and new therapies into effective practice and policy


•    Expand the provider audience to include all individuals who care for the physical, mental or social health of women
•    Inform providers in all areas of women’s health
•    Link providers across disciplines in the discussions
•    Engage providers in partnering with women to encourage healthy lifestyle choices
•    Improve women’s access to appropriate physical, mental and social health care

Clinical Care

•    Identify areas of primary prevention and disease management
•    Enable integration across care disciplines
•    Identify women at risk and improve their outcomes

Policy and Advocacy

•    Affect women’s health care policy
•    Improve systems of, payment for, and monitoring of metrics of care delivery
•    Have an impact at the local, state and national levels

We will know we are successful

  • When more research is directed to those areas that will improve policy and outcomes in women’s health.
  • When payers use the data that proves the value of integrated on-going care to provide appropriate coverage.
  • When new practices and therapies flow through a ready channel from theory to clinical implementation.
  • When the social, mental and physical health of a woman is routinely considered by providers and payers who respond with a plan.
  • When communication barriers are overcome so women are better able to access the system.
  • When the Rhode Island Women’s Health Report Card demonstrates improved quality indicators that distinguish us nationally.