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Report Cards

The 2010 Women’s Health Report cards for RI provide snapshots into areas such as mandated cancer screening which have been successful, and lung cancer, COPD and Heart Disease where RI women are doing poorly.

The 2011 Smoking Report Card shows what RI is doing right, i.e., passing the 2009 Smokefree Workplace & Public Place Law vs. under spending on state tobacco control programs.

The 2011 Women’s Physical Health Report Card indicates that women need a social and physical environment that supports healthy eating and active living, combined with increased access to timely, comprehensive, quality health services.


The 2011 Women’s Behavioral Health Report Card reports RI’s incidences of mental illness are 25% – 33% higher than the national average. Opportunities include more research into contributing factors as well as links between behavior and illness.


The RI Adolescent Girls’ Health Report Card compares statistics between RI and US on topics of Demographics, High School Environments, General Health Indicators, Substance Use and Reproductive Health.



2012 Women’s Report Card: Socioeconomic Determinants of Health





2015 Report Card: Heart of a Woman